Martial Arts Self Defense Open House October 9th,10th at Aikido of Nebraska #LNK

Aikido of Nebraska will be hosting an Open House on Oct. 9th, 10th, Sat-Sun afternoon. The Open House will go from 1:00pm – 4 :00pm each day, and is open to all the public.  Attendees will be able to see a traditional Martial Arts Dojo, and view the students in regular practice.   Refreshments will be provided. Please come see us! We would love to see you.

Aikido of Nebraska had an Open House in March that was wonderfully attended, and fun for all who came.  The Open House is designed to help those  people see that training in the Martial Arts is an enjoyable and beneficial endeavor.  The student at Aikido of Nebraska is allowed to progress at their own pace and safety is at the forefront.  The Open House also allows people to see the rich culture of the Martial arts in an educational venue.  Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and find out everything they always wanted to know about the Martial Arts, and Aikido.

So come join us at the Aikido of Nebraska Open House, for a few hours of fun and education.  Details below;

Aikido of Nebraska, 4209 S. 33rd St.  Lincoln, NE.  68506


Saturday, October 9th 1:00pm- 4:00pm

Sunday, October 10th 1:00pm- 4:00pm

Bujutsu – Having Fun in the Martial Arts while Training with Deadly Seriousness #LNK

While demonstrating a technique the other night, a new student said to me ” I am nervous about doing that technique, Sensei.  I am afraid I might hurt my partner”.  I replied  ” You should worry about all your techniques causing injury.  You are studying combat arts.”  While I am happy that the students are concerned with the safety of their partners, and I try to instill concern for their true attackers, sometimes the student must sit back and realize that what we do is not a game.  This is a school of combat.  This is serious.

Although many educated people might catagorize differently, Martial Arts schools could be categorized into 2 broad classifications; schools who teach Bujutsu (Martial Tactics), and those who teach Budo (Martial Way).  Schools of Bujutsu emphasize one thing; victory on the battlefield.  They learn tactics and techniques for the goal of disposing of enemy personnel .  Budo, on the other hand, teaches combat techniques for the goal of self-development, of becoming something “more”.  Most modern Martial Arts schools have chosen the Budo-type of school, as it applies to most people better.  Both schools can offer excellent training and significant mental and physical benefits to their students.  Some schools of Budo start to focus only on the self-development aspect, and consequently lose something in their training.

Here is the secret that those schools of Budo miss.  In order to become a better person mentallly-physically-spiritually, you must train with deadly seriousness – you must train as if you are on the battlefield – you must train with Bujutsu – you must train for “life or death”.  Only then will you push yourself beyond your own boundries.  Only then will you push your physical and emotional limits.  Only then can you become something “more”.  If you make it “life or death”, you will bring your training to a whole new level.

Now, training with deadly seriousness doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and enjoy yourself.  It is OK to laugh with your partner at your mistakes, and enjoy the fellowship of the dojo.  But you also must be able to switch back into “training mode” quickly and train seriously.

So, go to your next class at the Dojo, and have fun.  And train with deadly seriousness.

Aikido of Nebraska Dojo Update 5/10/2010 #LNK

The Gambatte Dojo at Aikido of Nebraska has been going through many changes over the last few months.  The student population is continuing to grow both in numbers, and in their on-going self-development.  Many new students have passed their preliminary tests and are progressing through the ranks.

Aikido of Nebraska recently had an Open-House, and had 41 participants over the 2-day event.

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Several of these participants went on to become students, but all enjoyed good sushi, good training, and an eventful afternoon.

We invite all those interested to partake of our next Open-House in the Fall of 2010.  Can’t wait that long? OK then , please come into Aikido of Nebraska at your earliest convenience, and see what it is all about.

Todd Roberts

Q:Why Do We Do Aikido? Is it All about Self Defense? A: To Polish the Sword #LNK

When a Japanese sword begins its journey to becoming a sword, it starts out as a lump of steel.  The steel is hammered out flat, folded and hammered out again  countless times.  The steel is then hammered out, flattened, and cut into the basic shape, and clay is added to all but the edge of the steel.  The sword is fired again to temper the steel, giving the sword its’ legendary cutting edge.  The sword is then polished  with stone to give it its brilliance.  As you cam imagine, this process takes a long time, and is performed by experts.  When the sword is finished, it is transformed into an instrument that is simultaneously a deadly weapon and a work of art.  There are no short-cuts to this process;  if one step comes out badly, the sword is scrapped, and the process starts over again.  It is possible to obtain imitations, and they may be deadly, or they may be beautiful, but they are rarely if ever both.  To most people, there is no substitute for the real thing.

At Aikido of Nebraska, when I ask the students why we do Aikido, the running answer is “to polish the sword”.  I believe most students would agree that self-defense is not the primary benefit when learning a Budo (Martial Way) such as Aikido.  Learning self-defense techniques against real attacks must remain a priority when training, or else there is a risk of the art becoming “fake” or just a complicated and ugly dance.  But the real benefit  is that training allows us to forge ourselves, face and push through our physical and mental limitations, become more aware of who we truly are, and reinforce the good habits and courtesy amongst our fellow man.

Make no mistake; there are days when your training becomes very frustrating.  Hitting up against your personal limitations is a sobering experience, and no one like to be reminded of what they “can’t do”.  However, with the right school and the right instructor, training is fun, and when something is fun, you don’t realize how much work you are putting in it.  Also, one learns to not take themselves so seriously, and so learns to deal with training, and life, better.

Are you taking time out of your day to “Polish the Sword”?  If not, come see us at Aikido of Nebraska, we’ll make sure that you are having so much fun during your training, that you don’t even realize that you are becoming a better person.


Todd Roberts

Aikido of Nebraska Dojo Update 10/15/09 #LNK

Hello Everyone,

The Dojo at Aikido of Nebraska is progressing along nicely.  New students are starting all the time, and the mat is getting that “lived in” look finally!  We have expanded our website even further, with a student section, and an online store.  Students can now look up their profiles online, sign up for classes and lessons, take care of membership dues all online!  All of this is designed to do one thing; make it easy to get in and train, without any other distractions!

We are continuing to provide Self Defense for Women Workshops on Monday nights at LifePointe  Wellness Center, and the students there are learning the awareness and street tactics of self defense in the real world.

So, If you have been on the edge, thinking about coming in to Aikido of Nebraska,  but haven’t done it yet, do so now.  There are no high-pressure tactics; we want happy students.  Come down and see a class, and talk with the other students to see what the “new buzz” is about.


Todd Roberts

Aikido of Nebraska Featured in the Star City Sports #LNK

Aikido of Nebraska was featured in the October Edition of the Star City Sports, a local newspaper/magazine fearturing recreation and sporting activities in the Lincoln area.  The article is reprinted in its entirety below.

Lincoln’s Newest Martial Arts School,  Aikido of Nebraska Opens at 33rd & Pioneers

by Dennis Buckley, Star City Sports editor

When you’re an emergency-room doctor who wants to open a martial arts school, it’s probably wise to avoid aggressive martial-arts styles that are deemed more likely to send participants to your emergency room.

Sensei Roberts performing Koshinage (hip throw)
Sensei Roberts performing Koshinage (hip throw)

Sensei Todd Roberts now has the best of both worlds. The emergency-medicine specialist enjoys his work as a doctor in the BryanLGH Medical Center Emergency Department. After hours, he now owns and operates Aikido of Nebraska, a new martial arts school at 4209 S. 33rd St., just north of Braeda Fresh Express Café at South 33rd and Pioneers Blvd.  “I wanted to learn a form of martial arts since I was a kid,” said Roberts, “but with my line of work, I thought it might be wise to pursue a non-aggressive style,” he mused.  Roberts graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1988, from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1993, and from his residency at Penn State in 1996.

For the past 14 years, he and his wife worked in New Jersey.   The Roberts family chose the Garden State to train with instructors, R. Crane and K. Crane at Aikido Agatsu Dojos in Stratford, N.J.  A professional opportunity presented itself earlier this year and the Roberts family moved back to Lincoln. In addition to working in the BryanLGH Emergency Department, Roberts has teamed up with LifePointe, 7501 S. 27th St., to teach workshops on self-defense for women.

Roberts teaches adult Aikido classes, offering group classes and private lessons from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Especially popular with women and adults of all ages,  Aikido is considered to be a non-aggressive style. The basic principle of Aikido is “do not fight force with force.” It uses very few punches and kicks. Instead, the attacker’s force is redirected into throws, locks and restraining techniques. The techniques of Aikido are such that they can be applied to larger, stronger opponents with great effectiveness.

Aikido was founded by O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, who died in 1969 at the age of 86.  “I like the fact that Aikido is graceful, flowing, sophisticated art,” Roberts observed.  “O’Sensei believed that Aikido was not just a way to control violent encounters, but a path to one’s human potential,” Roberts added. “Regular training enhances your self-confidence, your discipline, and your interactions with others, and these are the true benefits of studying a martial way such as Aikido.”

For more information about Lincoln’s newest martial arts school, call (402) 261-6655.

Bryan LGH LifePointe Offering Self Defense Class


Bryan LGH LifePointe and Aikido of Nebraska are teaming up to help women improve their chances of defending themselves in violent situations.  Instructor and emergency physician at Bryan LGH Todd Roberts says he sees first hand the violence that happens against women.  He says learning some basic awareness and defense techniques could possibly save your life.  “I want them to gain some awareness of what happens around them in everyday situations so that they can recognize the danger points in any encounter.”
There are 2 demonstration classes that woman can attend, Free of charges, as well as a 6 week program.  The Demo classes are Wednesday September 9, from 7- 8:30 or Monday, September 21 from 7-8:30.  The Six week program will be held on Mondays beginning on October 5 from 7-8:30 PM

The cost is $90 for members, and $110 for Non Members.

To register you can call: 481-6300

LifePointe is located at 7501 South 27th.

You can also log onto:

Self-Defense for Women Demo

The demo for the self-defense for Women was held on Sept 21 at LifePointe.  There were 20+ in attendance and participants learned self-defense concepts and techniques capable of saving their life in dangerous situations. Although it was a difficult subject, there was humor throughout to make an enjoyable evening.