Aikido of Nebraska to host Martial Arts Open House March 20-21st

Aikido of Nebraska will be hosting an Open House on Mar 20-21st, Sat-Sun afternoon. The Open House will go from 12:00pm-3:00pm each day, and is open to all the public.  Attendees will be able to see a traditional Martial Arts Dojo, and view the students in regular practice.   Refreshments will be provided. 

Many people are intimidated by the thought of participating in a Martial Arts class.  The Open House is designed to help those  people see that training in the Martial Arts is an enjoyable and beneficial endeavor.  The student at Aikido of Nebraska is allowed to progress at their own pace and safety is at the forefront.  The Open House also allows people to see the rich culture of the Martial arts in an educational venue.  Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and find out everything they always wanted to know about the Martial Arts, and Aikido.

So come join us at the Aikido of Nebraska Open House, for a few hours of fun and education.  Details below;

Aikido of Nebraska, 4209 S. 33rd St.  Lincoln, NE.  68506


Saturday, Mar 20 12:00pm-3:00pm

Sunday, Mar 21 12:00pm-3:00pm

In the Martial Arts and Self Defense World, There Is No Luck, Only Preparedness #LNK

When I was watching the Superbowl last week, the announcer interviewed the head coach of one of the NFL teams on how, and why, he was so calm.  He said “No matter how calm I look on the outside, I am calmer on the inside.  When you are prepared, there is nothing to get riled up about . . .”. 

I couldn’t have said it better.

This reminds me of one of my favorite sayings that I say to the students at Aikido of Nebraska.  It goes like this;

There is no such thing as Luck.

Luck is when Preparedness meets Opportunity.

And Opportunity is there all the time.

At Aikido of Nebraska, this is what we strive for; Preparedness.  Preparedness not only in self-defense situations, but preparedness for all of life’s challenges.  In order to be prepared, you must be willing to educate yourself on a variety of subjects, even if they do not apply to your current situation in life.  Second, you must develop the attribute of Adaptability; the ability to change quickly to changes in your environment. In Aikido, one does not always know the way the attacker will attack; he/she must adapt and change on a dime, and must be prepared for several contingencies, regardless of which one is presented.  At Aikido of Nebraska, ongoing education and adaptability are life-skills which are learned through the practice of self-defense.

There may be a time in your life when you are required to speak a little French, change a fan-belt, give first-aid to a child, swim across a river, or help a friend through a tough time.  Are you prepared to do this?  If you are, people will tell you “how lucky you are”, that you are able to do these things.  Then you can smile to yourself, and remember;

There is no Luck, only Preparedness.

Self-Defense for Women Classes by Aikido of Nebraska and Madonna ProActive #LNK

Lincoln is comparatively a safe community, yet a number of reasons still exist that a woman — trail user, college student, late-night grocery shopper or movie-goer, etc. — should have basic self-defense knowledge.

 In this light, Madonna ProActive and Aikido of Nebraska will be presenting a series of Self-defense for Women classes.  

Class details

Option 1

  • One, two-hour introductory/overview class
  • Monday, Feb. 15 (6:30-8:30 p.m)

 Option 2

  • A four-week, one-hour class
  • Held each Monday, March 1-22 (time TBD)

 Both options will be presented at Madonna ProActive, near 55th & Pine Lake Road, by Aikido of Nebraska LLC  instructor Todd Alan Roberts. Fees vary; see website links for details.


Actual statements made by members of the Lincoln community:

 “I unknowingly encountered a man on one of our more beautiful, but wooded trails. This guy popped onto the trail from “nowhere” and his odd behavior caused a pit-in-my-stomach reaction. A week later, I learned that very man, who was a repeat sex offender, was arrested for an attack on the trail. It still makes my arm hairs stand up.”

 ”I told police the man grabbed my neck and tore my shirt.  It was around 1:30 in the afternoon. I was just walking on the path. I was so scared.  The man ran away after I kneed him in the groin and stabbed at him with a stick.”

“Police are looking for a man they say broke into a home, then attacked the woman who lives there after she discovered him standing over her.”

“I intend to participate in this class and just recently started thinking about self-defense in a new way. From now on, I’ll regard it as CPR. I hope I never, ever need the skill, but if I do, I’ll have the background to put the lessons to good use.”